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Off-Road Gas Powered Remote Control Cars

Off-Road Gas RC Cars and Buggies

There is nothing quite like operating pure gas powered remote control cars and buggies. With the trend towards electric and nitro-fueled vehicles, gas powered remote control cars have seen their popularity drop in recent years. But there are still some great models available and there is nothing quite terrorizing a park or nearby field with a big, fast, and mean gas powered RC car or buggy.

If you’re planning on operating your remote control car off-road, your best bet is a remote control Buggy, which offers much better handling in rough conditions.

HPI Racing Baja 5B Gas Powered Remote Control Car / Buggy

The Baja 5B gas powered remotes control cars and buggies are big, fast, tough, and could very well be the best performing off-road gas powered buggies on the market. It measures a little over 32 inches in length and stands over 10 inches tall. It is powered by a CY 23cc gasoline engine. With 45 minute run times, great appearance, and incredible handling the Baja 5B buggy is a great gas powered rc car and offers a level of performance and durability few others can match.

DuraTrax FireHammer Buggy

The Duratrax firehammer is a two-wheel drive gas powered RC buggy. It is a 1/5 scale buggy and uses a mix of regular gas and two-cycle oil. It’s measures approximately 10 inches high and 28 inches long, is powered buy a Duratrax 1.4 cu 23cc two-stroke gasoline engine, and uses a Futaba Magnum Jr. radio. Ready to run out the box, the FireHammers combination of durability and performance make it a great choice for anyone looking for a buggy that offers power and is a blast to operate.

Traxxas Monster Buggy

The Monster Buggy is a 1/6 scale gas powered RC Buggy. This is a big buggy – measuring 26 long and 12.5 inches high. Fast out of the box, it is powered by a Zenoah 23cc 2hp engine. This relatively inexpensive model make for excellent gas powered RC cars for beginners.

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